White Midi Sundress

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It’s definitely sundress season, and i’m loving it! Again I think you guys know i’m all about the one and done outfits, so easy, just accessorize or don’t and go! I love white dresses in the summer against tan skin, and this strapless white midi sundress is the ticket. Unfortunately this dress in the Tall size is almost completely sold out, but they have a lot of sizes left in the regular length. Since this is a midi dress you may be able to get away with it even if you’re tall, just depending on where you want this to hit on you. keep on reading to get the details on this look!

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Romper’s All Summer Sixteen

Rose All Day|Romper|Black Romper|Tall Romper|Tall Fashion Blog

Alright I know, I know, I have an obsession with rompers and jumpsuits, so sue me. You can find me in a romper all Summer Sixteen, haha sorry I like Drake! As I’ve said before, they are so comfy, so easy to throw on, and it actually looks like you’re trying to be cute, when in reality I just couldn’t be bothered to find a top to go with my shorts. Summer in Sacramento is hottttt, let me tell you, so I tend to lean towards throwing on a cute sundress or a romper and being done with it. So there you have it, my reason for loving rompers, jumpsuits, and dresses 🙂 Oh and just a side note, this breathtaking home is not mine, it belongs to my good friend’s parents. I can only dream of a home like this! Keep on reading if you want to see more pictures and links to shop!

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Asos Tall Sale Favorites


If you’ve checked out any of my previous fashion posts you’ll notice a trend, most of my clothes come from the Asos Tall line. I’m hooked, they come out with new items almost daily, and everything for the most part is really affordable. I love the fact that they offer free shipping and free returns. I don’t feel bad about ordering online that way, if something doesn’t work for me I just ship it back, no big deal. They are having a pretty big sale going on right now so I wanted to post some of my favorites from the Sale going on. Jump on these quick if you find anything you like, things go fast! Happy shopping 🙂

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Breezy Tops and Flowy Pants

Asos Tall|Asos|Wide Leg Pants|Tall Wide Leg Pants|Crop Top

I’m back again with more wide legs pants and another crop top! Wide leg pants are everything, they’re so comfortable and easy to throw on while still being cute and on trend. These pleated blue ones from the Asos Tall line are great for Summer. I wore these on Memorial Day weekend down in San Francisco but these would also be perfect for the 4th of July as well! These are on sale right now online but unfortunately the last time I checked they only had one size available. I’ll make sure to link similar options for you guys! Keep on reading if you want to see more pictures 🙂

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Boho Style

Music Festival Outfit|Coachella Outfit|Flare Pants|Tall Flare Pants|Asos Tall|Flowy Top|Off The Shoulder Top

I’ve been wanting some of these boho printed flared pants forever! Ever since people started wearing them to all the music festivals and to Coachella, and finally I saw these on Alloy Apparel in the Tall Section and I knew I had to have them. These have a 37 inch inseam which is amazing and they have stretch to them which is imperative for me because I have some thighs on me and a smaller waist. I really love these pants for Summer, they are so fun and comfortable. If you’re going to any music festivals this year definitely grab some. Keep on reading if you want to see more pictures and get the links to the items i’m wearing!

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