H&M Two Piece Set

H&M|two piece set|skirt set

I picked up this super cute skirt set the other week at H&M. This isn’t for tall women per say, but I find that a lot of their clothes work for me. I’ve been able to get some cute jackets and even pants from them. I love how versatile this two piece set is, you can wear these together like I did here with some wedges or you can make it a little more casual and style it with some white sneakers. This crop top would look cute styled with some distressed boyfriend jeans as well, needless to say there are endless ways to style this set. Keep on reading to check out more pictures from this look!

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Breezy Tops and Flowy Pants

Asos Tall|Asos|Wide Leg Pants|Tall Wide Leg Pants|Crop Top

I’m back again with more wide legs pants and another crop top! Wide leg pants are everything, they’re so comfortable and easy to throw on while still being cute and on trend. These pleated blue ones from the Asos Tall line are great for Summer. I wore these on Memorial Day weekend down in San Francisco but these would also be perfect for the 4th of July as well! These are on sale right now online but unfortunately the last time I checked they only had one size available. I’ll make sure to link similar options for you guys! Keep on reading if you want to see more pictures 🙂

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Bomber Jacket Chic

Bomber Jacket|Satin Bomber Jacket|Asos Tall|Tall Jacket

I’m all about this bomber jacket trend, I think they’re so cute, and gives a sporty chic vibe to any outfit. This Sateen Olive Green one from the Asos Tall line is everything, I’m obsessed. Finding jackets with long enough sleeves can be a struggle for us ladies with long limbs! I’ve had some luck at H&M in the past but knowing I can order a jacket off the Asos Tall section and know that it won’t be super wide and baggy is amazing! I was so happy I was able to wear this down in San Francisco last weekend since it’s already gotten way too hot up here in Sacramento. Keep on reading if you want to check out some more pictures and get the links to get one for yourself!


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Tall Romper

Asos|Asos Tall|Tall Romper|Romper

I’m obsessed with rompers and jumpsuits, they are so easy to just throw on and add a few accessories and go. I love how little thought they require and they can be anywhere from super dressy to super casual and comfy. Today I’ll be talking about this Blue Denim look casual romper from the Asos Tall line. It’s made from a jersey material so it’s super comfortable and has some stretch to it. This is great to throw on during the weekend for a day outside at a baseball game or barbecue or for running errands around town. Keep on reading if you want to see more pictures  🙂

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Raincoat For a Rainy Day

Asos | Asos Tall |Raincoat

I know it’s getting closer and closer to Summer but last weekend it was raining and I was super excited to pull out my new raincoat! It’s perfect for Spring showers since it’s so lightweight. This is actually the perfect time to grab one since they’re on sale, unfortunately they don’t have this color in a Tall size, but they do have cute patterned ones!

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