Brown Smokey Eye


brown smokey eye|Green Beauty

I was inspired by Amber Dean on Instagram for this look, she did a super brown smokey eye the other day with some gorgeous lashes and I knew I had to try to recreate it, although I didn’t end up putting on any lashes! I love getting inspiration from makeup artists on Instagram and Youtube and then just finding similar colors that are non toxic and recreating them. I’m not usually a big fan of cool toned browns but I ended up loving the end result. But if you’ve been following me on Instagram you know my love for Hynt Beauty’s Rosy Velvet eye shadow, so I had to throw that in there to warm it up a little bit! Keep reading if you want to know how I achieved this look.

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Scotch tape Eyeshadow Look

Tape Eyeshadow Trick

I’m sure you’ve all seen those crisp eye shadow looks that have that gorgeous cat eye effect. Well an easy way to recreate these looks, requiring hardly any skill is by utilizing the scotch tape trick. If you have some tape laying around the house you can achieve this look super easily.

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