Clean Living Collection

Clean Living Collection|Organic Skincare|Non Toxic Skincare

I found Clean Living Collection on Instagram and had been wanting to try their products for a while. Their products are handcrafted in small batches in The Bay Area, which I love because I’m from Northern California. They use 100% Certified Organic and non GMO ingredients. There are also no fillers, colors, or synthetic perfumes. All the ingredients used are in their least processed state so they provide maximum benefits.

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Lalogy “The Hangover” Face Cream Review

Lalogy | The Hangover

I was lucky enough to win this amazing skin cream in a giveaway on Instagram. I’ll give you the description from their website and the ingredients and then share my thoughts.

“This intensive cream is a nano-weight anti-aging treatment that will give your skin an instant lift and firmness.”

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