Organic Liquid Lipsticks

Weaver Cosmetics|Liquid Lipsticks|Natural Liquid Lipstick|Organic Makeup|Organic Liquid lipstick

I randomly came across Weaver Cosmetics on Instagram, they are based in Portland Oregon. I was intrigued since their website says they are organic, vegan, and cruelty free. I decided to order a few of their liquid lipsticks which retail for $14.99. Keep on reading for my thoughts and pictures!

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Gia Minerals Review

Gia Minerals|Green Beauty|Natural Makeup|Mineral Makeup

I won these items in a giveaway on Instagram and was so excited to try them out! I had been following their Instagram page for a while and was curious about their products. They are all natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free, what more can you ask for! If you want to see swatches and my review keep on reading!

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Zuzu Luxe Review

Zuzu Luxe|Non toxic makeup|Green Beauty

I love that you can find this brand at Whole Foods and some other health food stores, it makes shopping so much easier! Being able to swatch colors before you buy them is so nice. These are also available to purchase on as well. A few weeks back Whole Foods had a 25% off sale on all of their makeup, so I decided to take advantage and try some more products from Zuzu Luxe. Their blush in Samba is definitely one of my favorites, so I was excited to try more things! I picked up two more blushes, an eye liner, a lip liner, and a lipstick. Keep reading if you want to hear my thoughts and see more pictures!

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Purple Smokey Eye with Lashes

Purple Smokey Eye|Jane Iredale|Green Beauty

I got the inspiration for this makeup look from a picture on Instagram of Nadia Mejia, it was a soft purple smokey eye with thick winged liner and some false lashes, here is the look if you’re curious. Her makeup is always flawless. I filmed a quick little video for you guys just on the eye shadow portion of this look. I filmed this on my Iphone so it’s definitely not the best quality or anything like that, but hopefully it helps a little bit! I will try to step up my filming abilities for you guys! I’ll post all of the products I used below, keep reading if you want to know how I created this look 🙂

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Jane Iredale Review

Jane Iredale|BB Cream|Glow Time BB Cream|Green Beauty

I was looking on Yelp recently to see if I could find anywhere near me to purchase some Jane Iredale products. I kept hearing amazing things about the Glow Time BB Cream and I wanted to get my hands on it. I finally found out they carried it at my local mall in the Planet Beauty store. So I headed over to check it out, and luckily they had a sale going on! If you spent $100 you got 30% off. I ended up grabbing the Glow Time BB Cream, two lip liners, and the Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner in black. You can also purchase Jane Iredale directly from their site or from Nordstrom online, which is nice for racking up your Nordstrom points!

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