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Per my usual I was searching Etsy for some small non toxic makeup brands and I came across Moon Glimmer Cosmetics. I was immediately drawn to the vibrant shimmering eye shadow shades. I absolutely love that you can get these in either a loose pigment form or pressed. Moon Glimmer Cosmetics is based out of Texas and is a cruelty free and vegan company as well, they also have 5 Free Nail Polishes. If you want to see some swatches and my review for these shadows keep on reading!

First things first I’ll list the ingredients for you guys:

  • Mica
  • Silk Mica
  • Kaolin Clay
  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Titanium Dioxide (1-3 depending on usage on She uses Titanium Dioxide without nano particles)
  • Iron Oxide (rates a 2 on
  • Tin Oxide (rates a 2 on

Eye Shadows – 

  • Click on the names to be directed to the etsy shop 🙂

Calliope This is a beautiful Pink/Gold Shade.

Sansa This is a pretty pink beige color and I absolutely love the name because I’m obsessed with Game Of Thrones!

Dragon Scales This is a really pretty Orange, reddish gold color.

Banshee This is a light mauvey/red/gold shade.

Cinderella This is a perfect name to describe this beautiful shimmering blue shade with gold tones, it looks exactly like the color of Cinderella’s dress.

Harpie This is a pretty vibrant shimmering red/gold shade.

Merida This is a pretty coral/beige shade.

Seance She added this in for me as a sample, in a loose form. This was definitely more pigmented right off the bat since it was loose instead of pressed, so if you don’t mind working with loose shadows that might be your best bet for ultimate color payoff. This is a really pretty deep burgundy brown shade.

Moon Glimmer Cosmetics|Etsy Makeup|Green Beauty|Mineral Makeup|Mineral Eye Shadow

From Bottom to Top: Cinderella, Merida, Sansa, Calliope, Dragon Scales, Harpie, Banshee

Moon Glimmer Cosmetics|Mineral Makeup

  • Same order as above picture just in direct sunlight

Moon Glimmer Cosmetics|Mineral Makeup|Indie Makeup|Burgundy Eye Shadow|Burgundy Brown Eye Shadow

  • Seance (Loose Shadow Sample)


Green Beauty|Green Beauty Blog|Mineral Makeup|Moon Glimmer Cosmetics|Etsy Makeup|Indie Makeup Brand

Mineral Eye Shadow|Red and Orange Eye Shadow|Sunset Eyes|Green Beauty|Indie Beauty

  • Wearing Dragon Scales all over my lid applied with Rose Water Glycerin Spray and Harpie on my outer corner and throughout my crease and lightly applied with a fluffy brush to my lower lash line

Moon Glimmer Cosmetics|Green Beauty|Mineral Makeup

indie Beauty|Indie makeup brands|Etsy Makeup|mineral makeup

  • In the above pictures i’m wearing Merida all over my lid applied with the Rose Water Glycerin Spray and Banshee throughout my crease and lightly buffed into the lower lash line as well


Application: I really love all the colors I picked up and the price point is great at just $6.00 a piece. As I mentioned before another plus for me is the option to have them pressed instead of loose. These are pretty tightly pressed, but I don’t have a problem picking up the color and getting good pigmentation. Although I do like to apply these with a flat synthetic packing brush spritzed with some Rose Water Glycerin Spray to get a more intense color payoff. I definitely want more colors, there are so many gorgeous ones! Here is a link to her Etsy page 🙂


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    I can’t seem to find any info on them I’ve been searching everywhere. I bought some stuff from them I believe last year. I wanted to shop again but their Etsy account is gone. Their ig is gone. No twitter no fb either. Would you happen to k ow why they disappeared?? Seems odd since they were getting pretty good notoriety.

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