Hush + Dotti Organic Liquid Foundation

Hush + Dotti|Organic Liquid Foundation|Organic Foundation|Green Beauty Foundation

I had been eyeing Hush + Dotti for a while on Instagram but I hadn’t pulled the trigger on making any purchases, but once I saw that they started offering samples of their foundation I immediately placed an order. Hush + Dotti offers both organic skincare and organic makeup. Keep on reading if you want to hear my first impressions on this foundation!

Info taken from their website – 

  • This nutrient rich organic liquid foundation has a base of organic aloe vera leaf juice. It cradles your skin with lightweight coverage that feels super clean and natural. It’s excellent for sensitive skin and for skin that gets upset by harsh ingredients or chemicals. You will barely feel it, so this is great for those that love the feeling of a tinted moisturizer. The best part is that it can be built up for more coverage and finished with our mineral powder for full coverage. Apply with your foundation brush or a sponge. Contains natural sun protection. This flexible formula is 90% organic. As with all of our products it’s gluten free, vegan, paraben free and cruelty free.

Product Specs –

  • Retails for $48
  • Contains the standard 1 fl oz
  • Comes in 5 shades
  • You can order 2 samples and you only pay for shipping

My First Impressions –

  • I got “What The Buff which is the lightest shade and “Bare with Me” which is the second lightest. I like to pretend I’m not that fair, but I ended up perfectly matching with “What the Buff”
  • The little samples come with a doe foot applicator and the consistency is on the thinner side, so I just dotted it all over my face and blended it out with my oval face brush
  • Right when I put this on it had a very sweet vanilla scent to it, which I personally love
  • With one application I’d say this gives a light-medium coverage, I added a second layer to get some more coverage
  • After the second layer I’d say it was a pretty solid medium coverage
  • When I was trying this I had some pretty intense hormonal breakouts going on so I did have to go over those with my Hynt Beauty Concealer to fully cover them, but other than that I think this will give you a nice even coverage for a flawless base
  • This blends into the skin beautifully and feels so lightweight on the skin, I honestly felt like I had nothing on my face, it gives that “your skin but better” look
  • I did set this with my Olga’s Organics face powder because I set all my liquid foundations
  • Throughout the day this didn’t break up on me at all and I wasn’t overly oily in my t-zone or anything like that (I have normal to combo skin)
  • This did settle into one of my smile lines around my mouth, but then again I get those with my other foundations as well, so that doesn’t bother me at all

Hush & Dotti Foundation|Organic Foundation|Natural Foundation|Green Beauty Foundation

  • Left to Right: “What the Buff” and “Bare With Me”

Would I Purchase the Full Size –

  • After trying this foundation out for two days I’d definitely purchase this in the full size, once i’m actually in need of another foundation haha. I really do love how lightweight this is, and the way it looks like my skin
  • If you’re someone that wants immediate full coverage with one layer this may not be for you, but if you like the flexibility of going from light to a more full coverage you’ll really enjoy this foundation
  • I love that this is 90% organic and has natural sun protection as well
  • The only downfall I’d say is that there are only 5 shades in the line at the moment, hopefully they’ll come out with some more options! I’m the lightest shade, “What the Buff” so if you’re fairer than me I’m not sure how it would work for you. But take advantage and order some samples here, if you think any of the colors might work for you!



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