H&M Two Piece Set

H&M|two piece set|skirt set

I picked up this super cute skirt set the other week at H&M. This isn’t for tall women per say, but I find that a lot of their clothes work for me. I’ve been able to get some cute jackets and even pants from them. I love how versatile this two piece set is, you can wear these together like I did here with some wedges or you can make it a little more casual and style it with some white sneakers. This crop top would look cute styled with some distressed boyfriend jeans as well, needless to say there are endless ways to style this set. Keep on reading to check out more pictures from this look!

H&M|Crop top and pencil skirt|two piece dress set|skirt set|Tall fashion

crop top|Sweater skirt|Two piece set|Skirt set|tall fashion|H&M

h&m|tall style|tall clothes

wedges|crop Top|H&m|skirt set

skirt set|H&m|Crop top and skirt set|Tall style

Sadly I couldn’t find this set online anymore! But I did see it in stores at H&M pretty recently, so check out your local store to see if they still have it šŸ™‚ I got these wedges from DSW a while back by the brand Wanted, and I can’t find them anymore, but I linked skirt sets and shoe alternatives for you guys below!

Oh and if you can see the insane highlight on my cheekbones, that’s none other than my favorite Glory Boon Highlighter in “Sol” Check it out on my “Highlight Bling” post here

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