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Highlighter|Green Beauty Highlighter|Glory Boon Highlighter|Nine Three Beauty Highlighter|100 Percent Pure Luminizer|Moon Glimmer Cosmetics|Au Naturale Cosmetics Highlighter

I am 100 percent highlighter obsessed, especially in these Summer months, bring on the glow please! Especially with Jaclyn Hill and Anastasia Beverly Hills coming out with all these gorgeous highlighters I knew I needed some good non toxic green alternatives in my life. Keep on reading to see swatches and thoughts!

natural highlighter|non toxic highlighter|green beauty highlighter

highlighter|non toxic highlighter|green beauty highlighter

  • Top to Bottom: Sol, Angel Dust, Twice, Purple Reign, Sweetie, 100 Percent Pure luminizer, Au Naturale OG highlighter, RMS Living Luminizer, Dew Drops in Calm

Glory Boon Highlighter in Sol –

  • This is hands down my favorite highlighter that I own so far. It’s pressed, super pigmented, gives a gorgeous champagne glow to the skin, and the packaging is to die for! If you’re looking for a pressed highlighter with a pale champagne color this is it. It’s literally the perfect color, not too gold, not too pink, and not too silvery or white! I’m obsessed ๐Ÿ™‚

Glory Boon Highlighter|Natural Highlighter|Glory Boon|Champagne highlighter


Summer Makeup|Glowing Makeup|Bronzed Makeup|Green Beauty|Glory Boon Highlighter


Moon Glimmer Cosmetics Highlighter in Angel Dust –

  • This comes in a pressed pan but doesn’t have a compact, so it will pop into any magnetic palette you have. This is a beautiful true light gold highlighter, this is a newer purchase for me but it is quickly becoming a favorite as well and at only $14 you can’t go wrong. Check it out hereย  and use code JH15OFF to save some money

Moon Glimmer Cosmetics|Natural Highlighter|etsy makeup

green beauty highlighter|summer glow|summer makeup|moon glimmer cosmetics

Nine Three Beauty Highlighter in Purple Reign –

  • This is a beautiful lavender highlighter, this isn’t one I choose on an everyday basis but it is gorgeous and gives you a little something different. This is a swirled pan, it has the lavender shade and then a nice ivory shade. These highlighters are cruelty free and vegan. Check it out here

Purple Reign Nine Three Beauty|Lavender Highlighter|Purple Highlighter|Vegan Highlighter|Cruelty Free Highlighter


Lavender Highlighter|Natural Highlighter|Non toxic Highlighter

Nine Three Beauty Highlighter in Twice –

  • This gives a gorgeous rose gold highlight to the face. This also has two colors swirled into the pan, a golden pearl shade and rose gold. Both of these Nine Three Beauty Highlighters have great pigmentation and apply smoothly to the cheekbones, they have some new ones coming out that I’m excited about as well! Check it out here

Rose gold highlighter|Nine Three Beauty|Vegan Highlighter|Cruelty Free Highlighter

Glowing Makeup|Moon Glimmer Cosmetics|Gold HIghlighter|Non Toxic Highlighter


Silk Naturals Highlighter in Sweetie –

  • This is supposed to be a dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter in Starburst, I can’t attest to that claim because I don’t own that one. This is a super pigmented pretty peachy/pink highlighter with a golden pearl sheen to it. This comes as a loose powder in a tiny jar, and it is gluten free and vegan. If you’re on a tight budget this is a great option as it’s only $4.50. Check it out here

silk naturals|ABH dupe|Silk naturals highlighter
Silk Naturals|Sweetie Highlighter|Natural Highlighter

100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Luminizer –ย 

  • This was the first pressed highlighter I found after transitioning to the green beauty world and I was super happy with it, although now I don’t reach for this one as often, it is still a great option. It’s not as pigmented as the previews pressed highlighters I mentioned but it does give a pretty light golden pink glow to the skin.

100 percent pure|100 percent pure luminizer|natural highlighter

100 Percent Pure|Pressed Highlighter|Natural Pressed Highlighter

Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Creme Highlighter Stick –

  • This is refereed to as the OG Highlighter, and it gives a pretty luminous sheen with golden undertones. I like this highlighter but I feel like this color is slightly dark for my fair complexion. It definitely still works but it’s not my go to, I think I’d love their highlighter in celestial, since its a universally flattering shade, so I’m going to check that out next time. Check out the OG highlighter here

Au Naturale Cosmetics|Au Naturale Cosmetics creme highlighter|Cream highlighter

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer –

  • I only have a small sample of this highlighter but it’s super pretty! This gives a sheer satin pearl glow to the skin, and looks great on tons of skin tones. This is a creme highlighter that comes in a little pot, it’s not greasy, sticky, or glittery. Once I make a dent in some of these other highlighters I will definitely purchase the full size of this. Check it out here

Teri Miyahira Dew Drops In Calm –

  • This is a super gorgeous liquid pigment, it is similar to the RMS Living Luminizer as far as shade range, but this is just in liquid form. You can check out my demo on how I use this highlighter here. Unfortunately if you don’t subscribe to Teri’s beauty box you can’t purchase this, but I highly recommend this box, I have yet to be disappointed with one! Check out her page here


    • jacmichelle says

      You can never have too many haha! Thank you, I figured that would give a better idea than just a swatch on my arm ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. carin says

    i am trying to get better with makeup–i literally do foundation, one neutral eyeshadow, liner, and mascara every day. can you point me to a good tutorial for how to use a highlighteR?

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