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I absolutely love Fall, so it’s only right to share some of my Fall Lipstick Favs with you all! The jeans, boots, flannels, leaves changing colors, crisp cool air, hot delicious drinks, and of course the dark sultry lips are the cherry on top of it all. Now I’m a firm believer that you can wear darker lip shades all year long but it’s extra fun when the weather starts to change. Keep on reading to check out some of my favorite lipsticks and lip liners for Fall! There are links to each product mentioned as well ๐Ÿ™‚


Glory Boon Liquid Lipstick in Anylaย – I’ve raved about these liquid lipsticks before, and you can check out my full post here.ย  I love this warm toned burnt orangey red shade, and it’s literally almost an exact dupe for the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita II, check the swatch comparison here. The wear time is great, and the consistency is nice as it isn’t too dry but isn’t too slippery on your lips.

glory boon liquid lipstick|natural lipstick|fall lipstick shades

Red Apple Lipstick in Naughty I love the Red Apple Lipsticks, they are definitely moisturizing and have a satin finish. I love Naughty as the perfect darker nude shade for Fall.

red apple lipstick, nude lipstick, fall lipstick, green beauty lipstick, natural lipstick

Palma Beauty Lipstick in Tease MeI love these lipsticks, they use only organic oils and waxes and are only $10.99 on Etsy! They are matte and have great staying power as well. Tease Me is a really pretty mauvey/purple shade. Sorry guys i’m not the best at describing colors haha, but that’s why I have pictures of all of them!

Palma Beauty|mave lipstick|organic Lipstick|fall lipstick 2016

Rituel De Fille Lipstick in PreyThis is a gorgeous cool toned greyish mauve shade, I love the slim light packaging on these. The wear time and consistency on these are awesome!

rituel de fille|rituel de fille lipstick|grey lipstick|fall lipsticks

Fitglow Beauty Lipstick in Adore This is a gorgeous Deep Plum, everyone needs a deep plum shade for Fall, just sayin’. The formulation on these are amazing, super moisturizing with a satin finish. I wore this shade on my birthday and didn’t have any problems even through dinner or after my glass of wine. These contain organic butters, botanical extracts, and plant oils. If you buy this from Aurora Beauty you can use my code JH15 to save ๐Ÿ™‚

Fitglow beauty|fitglow beauty lipstick|organic lipstick|plum lipstick|fall 2016 lipsticks

Silk Naturals Velvet Matte Lipstick in 90’sThe 90’s are back in full force and I’m not really mad about it, so might as wellย  get on board with it and bring back the ever so popular lip shade as well. I love the Velvet Matte lipsticks from Silk Naturals and at $5.99 a piece you really can’t go wrong. Super moisturizing with great ingredients.

Silk naturals lipstick|silk naturals|90's lipstick|natural lipstick

Hynt Beauty Lipstick in PomegranateIf you’ve been following me here or on Instagram you know that I absolutely love Hynt Beauty. The mascara and concealer in particular are my holy grails! But the lipstick in Pomegranate is also beautiful and super moisturizing on the lips, it’s a beautiful rose shade with orange tones to it. This is the most sheer out of all the lipsticks i’m sharing today but it still has great pigmentation and staying power. You can also grab this from Aurora Beauty and use my code JH15 to save.

Hynt Beauty|Hynt Beauty Lipstick|green beauty lipsticks

Zuzu Luxe Lipstick in Chocolate CherryThis is a beautiful deep reddish/brown shade. This lipstick is long wearing, hydrating, vegan, and gluten free. I linked this from Target online, but you can also find this brand at Whole Foods or other natural food stores.

zuzu luxe|zuzu luxe lipstick|brown lipstick|vampy lips


lipstick swatches|fall 2016 lipsticks|fall lipsticks|natural lipsticks

Bottom to Top: Anyla, Naughty, Tease Me, Prey, Adore, 90’s, Pomegranate, Chocolate Cherry


Jane Iredale Lip Definer in Plum I love the JI lip liners, which is why I have three of them included in this post haha. Plum is great for Fall and helps define the lips so you can get a crisp/clean application when you go to apply your lipstick on top. Liners also help prevent feathering, and increase wear time.

Jane Iredale Lip Definer in Terra-Cotta This is a really pretty warm toned well terracotta shade, as the name suggests haha.

Jane Iredale Lip Definer in SpiceSpice is a really pretty light pink/nude brown shade. Your lips but better!

Zuzu Luxe Lip Pencil in Cappuccino This is really pretty warm toned cinnamon brown shade, and it’s super pigmented! Definitely recommend this one.

natural lip liner|jane iredale lip liner|spice lip liner|zuzu luxe lip liner|green beauty lip liner

Top To Bottom: Plum, Terra-Cotta, Spice, and Capuccino

Hope you guys enjoyed! What are some of your go to lip shades for Fall??


  1. Amanda M. says

    Love all of these. Thanks for the detailed swatches and descriptions. I found myself taking screenshots of several to add to my “Must Buy” list

    • jacmichelle says

      Awesome, glad it was helpful! Just fyi I updated the names that go with the lipstick swatches side by side, I accidentally listed them wrong!

  2. Jessica says

    Omg Perfect, I am trying to look for new shades this autumn, my lipsticks are running out I have a warm skin tone…orange clothing tends to look good on me so I wonder which would be good? any tips?
    Thanks!!! Love the beautiful colors and swatches! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jacmichelle says

      Oh perfect timing then! You might really like Anyla from Glory Boon or Pomegranate by Hynt Beauty. Brick red’s or rich wine shades usually look good on warm skin tones ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope that helps!

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