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Battle of The Bronzers is going down right now, well maybe not a battle because I really do enjoy each and everyone of these, so there are no losers in my book! Since Summer is in full swing, now is the perfect time to talk about all of these, because who doesn’t want to be a glowing bronzed goddess in the Summertime. I honestly didn’t realize I had acquired so many, and figured it would be nice to compare all of them for you guys. I usually prefer a nice matte warm toned, pressed bronzer, but there is a time and a place for everything! I have a mixture of mattes, shimmers, pressed, creme, and loose bronzers in my collection. Keep on reading to get the details! Oh and check out the “Summer Bronzer Break Down” that Ashley from The Green Bunny did on YouTube for the Integrity Botanicals channel šŸ™‚ You’ll be a bronzer expert in no time!

Dusty Girls Makeup Bronzer This bronzer in Sunshine has definitely been my go to for the past few months. I love that it’s pressed, mostly matte with a slight shimmer, and warms up my face, it’s a no brainer! It also has cute packaging and is a pretty big size, so that helps too.

Au Naturale Organic Creme BronzerThis Creme Bronzer in Caramel has definitely been a ride or die for me since the beginning of my Green Beauty journey. This is perfect for a quick contour because it’s in stick form and is a cooler toned bronzer without any shimmer. You want to stay away from contouring with shimmers as they can wind up making your face look a little muddy. If you are super fair you may want to try a lighter shade, as this is definitely pigmented. You can always purchase their stick foundation in a color 2 to 3 shades darker than your skin tone.

Lily Lolo Bronzer – I have the shade Miami Beach which is a pressed matte light tan bronzer, this has also been a long time favorite of mine, it was the first bronzer I purchased when transitioning to Green Beauty. I’ll use this all over as a bronzer or sometimes I’ll use my NARS Ita brush to contour my face with this as well. This gives a more subtle bronze at first but is definitely buildable which is nice if you tend to be heavy handed.

Silk Naturals BronzerI recently discovered this amazing bronzer, I had won it in an Instagram giveaway but it got lost in the mix. I have the shade Tahiti Sweetie, this is a loose bronzer but it’s a gorgeous golden brown matte shade, they refer to it as a clone for the Benefit Hoola Bronzer which is definitely a cult favorite in the makeup world. I’ve definitely been reaching for this one a lot lately even though I love my pressed powders! For the price point you can’t go wrong with this one!

RMS Buriti Bronzer When I saw Sephora had RMS products I swooped up this cream bronzer immediately. I had been seeing it all over Instagram and it looked lovely. This comes in a little pot and is a beautiful sheer but buildable bronze shade. It’s the perfect balance between warm and cool, no orange or grey tones here! It give a beautiful glowing bronze look to the skin without any heavy shimmer or glitter. This is perfect is you’re a little afraid of intense bronzers, because you can start with a more sheer application and build up if you want.

Glory Boon BronzerI picked up the bronzer in Laguna from their Passport to Paradise Collection, definitely check out that collection if you haven’t already, especially the Highlighter in Sol, it’s to die for, and don’t get me started on the adorable packaging! Ok back to this bronzer, I’d call this more of a “bronzer overlay” if that’s even a thing. I like to use this really lightly over top of my matte bronzers to add a more glowy bronze look to my face. I really only like shimmering bronzers for the Spring and Summer months. This is also beautiful as an eye shadow as it’s super pigmented and has a gorgeous gold shimmer to it.

Lorem Cosmetics BronzerI picked up the shade Golden Shimmer, which is a pretty warm toned shimmering bronzer, hints the name. I like to use this one in the same way as I use the Glory Boon Bronzer, as more of a “bronzer overlay” due to the shimmer factor. I like to use this one as an eye shadow as well, but that goes for all of my bronzers. Just a little travel trip, if you want to cut down on bringing makeup on your summer vacations just remember that bronzers are awesome as eye shadows as well šŸ™‚

Teri Miyahira Crushed Color This is a roll on bronzer in the color Patience, from the Teri Miyahira Beauty Box. So unfortunately if you don’t have the subscription to this box you won’t be able to get it! So if you don’t have her box definitely check it out, I’m obsessed and can’t wait to see what else she comes out with.Ā  But back to this bronzer, it’s a beautiful shimmering bronze shade. I actually haven’t used this as a bronzer yet, I used it as a shadow and it was gorgeous. It will be interesting to see how this applies to the face though in this little roller ball application though.

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      Lily Lolo is definitely great! I’ll have to try out Studio 78 when I make a dent in these lol

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