Asos Tall Sale Favorites


If you’ve checked out any of my previous fashion posts you’ll notice a trend, most of my clothes come from the Asos Tall line. I’m hooked, they come out with new items almost daily, and everything for the most part is really affordable. I love the fact that they offer free shipping and free returns. I don’t feel bad about ordering online that way, if something doesn’t work for me I just ship it back, no big deal. They are having a pretty big sale going on right now so I wanted to post some of my favorites from the Sale going on. Jump on these quick if you find anything you like, things go fast! Happy shopping 🙂

I’m 6’3″ and for the most part almost everything i’ve ordered works out for me. I can usually tell from the pictures if a pantsuit or maxi dress will be long enough. My rule of thumb is if the 5’11” model is wearing it with heels and it’s still long enough, I should be good to go! Hopefully that little tip helps when deciding, since they currently don’t list inseams on their page. Hopefully they will start doing that soon, it would definitely make the shopping experience easier.

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